Biotech and Cleantech


Technology Collaboration

The North Shore InnoVenture Center (NSIV) is focused on two important technology sectors: Biotech and Cleantech. It is our objective to identify and support the North Shore’s next generation of biomedical and cleantech success stories.


Why biotech and cleantech? Innovation often occurs at the interface of different technologies. Electronic medical records and computational biology – genomics and proteomics – are at the convergence of IT and biomedical research and are leading the way to more cost-effective, resource-efficient medical care. At the convergence of biotech and cleantech we find companies developing water purification, biofuels, bioremediation technologies, biopolymers and biodegradable materials. That’s sustainability.

Regional clusters promote collaboration and innovation. The North Shore InnoVenture Center is located in a burgeoning cluster of more than sixty life sciences and cleantech businesses at the Cummings Center in Beverly, Massachusetts.