InnoVentures® Services

In addition to our extensive physical resources NSIV offers a range of services to help an early stage company thrive. Services include access to experienced mentors from a variety of fields, topical education programs, and hands-on consultation with our range of distinguished sponsors.




Mentorship is the core value we provide to every member of the NSIV family. Client companies are carefully matched with a primary mentor based on their individual needs.  Our extensive database of mentors reflects dedicated, seasoned professionals who have volunteered their expertise.

NSIV provides guidance, documentation, templates and support to our mentor/advisor experts and to our startups to ensure success.


Lead mentors:

  • Review company gaps and needs
  • Assist with business strategy and planning
  • Determine project milestones and success criteria for graduation
  • Build mentorship team from volunteer database
  • Open important relationships to Sponsors, external network of experts
  • Monitor progress and report to NSIV leadership on a regular basis

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact us


InnoVentures® U is a monthly education curriculum that prepares technology-based entrepreneurs with skills and resources to successfully prepare and grow their company.  This forum is structured to cover business basics and to prepare company leaders to effectively plan and pitch to investors and/or customers.

Business basics

  • Accounting and taxes for startups
  • Protecting your Intellectual Property
  • Building your team
  • Board effectiveness

Planning and pitching

  • How to write a business plan
  • Grant writing
  • Presentations with impact
  • Refining your Pitch
  • Surviving investor due diligence

Sponsored Services

NSIV offers a Seed Package of professional services provided by our generous Sponsors. This suite of business offerings is provided at pro bono, deferred or significantly discounted rates.

Legal services

  • Corporate filings
  • IP protection
  • Contracts

Marketing and communications

  • Marketing materials
  • Branding
  • PR/Communications

Accounting and tax
Financial management and planning
Insurance advice
IT support
Administrative support

Support in Raising Capital

Our mentors and staff have experience in raising capital through several different types of sources.  Members are given assistance in identifying potential sources, preparing pitches and understanding the structures of various deals so that they fit the funding to their company’s plans.

Sourcing Capital

  • Angels
  • Grants
  • Business Plan competitions
  • Venture Capital
  • Commercial Lending



  • Pitch development
  • Pitch delivery
  • Understanding various funding types