Biotech Companies

Biotech & Life Science Members (as of April 1, 2014)


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Developing the next generation of bead-based bioassays, which employ mass spectrometry and optical imaging to facilitate high information content proteomic research.
Vladislav Bergo, CEO



Developing advanced neuorostimulation products and neuromodulation technologies that reduce device failure rates and improved efficacy over time.
Larry Derose, CEO;  Barry Yomtov, CTO

Apptomics CompanyLogo newApptomics LLC
Developing a sensor system and Android-based application to help patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals manage treatment-related motor complications in Parkinson’s disease.
Georgia Mitsi, CEO


Cellanyx Diagnostics LLC
Developing in vitro tissue and cell culturing techniques for use in research and in vitro diagnostics, specifically prognostic information for prostate cancer treatment decisions.
Mani Foroohar,CEO; Ashok Chander,CSO

Cell Assay Innovations

Cell Assay Innovations
A biotechnology service company dedicated to cell-based assay technology development with a focus on proprietary kinase assay panels for drug screening and other cell culture services.
Deborah Moshinsky, President; LiPing Wu, CSO

Excelimmune, Inc. www.excelimmune.comExcelimmune new logo
A discovery-stage biotechnology company focused on developing Antibody Combination Therapeutics (ACT) for the treatment of life-threatening diseases — the next generation of antibody therapeutics critically important in combating monotherapy-resistant diseases.
Elizabeth Reczek, CEO; Jason Walsh, CFO; Hugh Russell

Epathochhem Logo 1.2HepatoChem
Offers pharmaceutical and biotech companies reliable and efficient access to small molecule metabolites in order to accelerate drug R&D and reduce costs.
Marc Bazin, President; Ryan Buzdygon, Director of Operations

Developing a neurostimulator device to mitigate insomnia.
Peter Kelley, Founder; John Douglas, Consultant

lariat_finalLariat Biosciences
Developing a non‐invasive diagnostic to detect early signs of cancer based on circulating DNA fragments arising from the death of tumor cells which carry the mutant genetic signature that gave rise to the abnormal growth.
Jonathan Larson, CEO

Quad Technologies, LLCwww.quadtechnologies.netQuad Logo
Has a game changing dissolvable hydrogel technology, QuickGel™ that can selectively bind antibodies, proteins, or cells from solution while mitigating non-specific binding. QuickGel™ has applications in label-free cell separation, offline-sample prep, and IVD
Sean Kevlahan, CEO; Brian Plouffe, CSO; Jeffrey Zonderman, COO

RANBiotech LogoRAN Biotechnologies, Inc.
Designs and manufacture two types of materials: (1) Solid Resins for selective capture and controlled release of viruses, bacteria, and proteins. Examples of related applications are viral clearance, vaccine purification, fluid disinfection and diagnostics; (2) FluoroSurfactants for droplet microfluidics.
Roger Nassar, CEO

seqWell, Inc. www.seqwell.comSeqwell logo. jpg
Offers a DNA sequencing service called kiloSEQ ™, based on novel and proprietary technology that will enable high-quality, long-read sequencing of plasmids and amplicons for development of therapeutic biologicals and synthetic biology applications.
Joseph Mellor, CEO; Jack Leonard, Head of Operations

WindGap Medical www.windgapmedical.comwindgap high res logo
Developing an auto-injector for emergency medical interventions that is compact, thermally robust, and intuitive to use.
Chris Stepanian, President & CEO; Brent Buchine, CTO




ZSGeneticsLogo_HorizontalZS Genetics, Inc.
Developing a third-generation DNA sequencing technology to address market needs in key areas of genomics research — what can be studied, the pace at which data can be understood, and the cost of discovery research. The long read (40,000 base pair +) and single molecule capability of ZSG’s technology will help researchers find the answers to major medical problems like cancer and infectious disease response.
Bill Ward, CEO; William Glover, CSO



Atentiv   www.atentiv.comAtentiv Logo
Provides personalized digital learning tools that are demonstrated to remediate ADHD, poor working memory, and other learning disorders through an EEG-based direct brain computer interface.
Eric Gordon, CEO; John Hope, Marketing VP


Akrivis Logo_4color


Developing a proprietary technology which provides ultrasensitive detection and accurate quantification of biomolecules to aid in the early identification and treatment of serious human diseases.
Joel Bereniac, CEO;  Ban-An, CSO; Rajiv Panwar


Provides technology to normalize cell morphology and behavior whereby improving the robustness, sensitivity and quantification capabilities of cell-based assays and High Content Screening (HCS)

Francois Chatelain, CEO;  Pauline Menager, Senior Scientist; Brian Carmichael, Bus. Dev. Manager


sharpedgelabsSharp Edge Labs
Is developing next-generation biosensors for cellular biology research and high-throughput screening based on Fluorogenic Activating Proteins (FAPs)

Scott Sneddon, CEO