Cleantech Companies

Members & Graduates (as of March 2013)

Akita_Logo_RGB_JPG_HighResAkita Innovations

Uses advanced materials technologies to solve research and product development challenges for commercial and government customers.

Lawrence Hancock, CEO; Larry Takiff, President


Crowd Comfort


Offers a smart phone application that allows building occupants to report real-time, site-specific comfort levels and maintenance issues.

Eric Graham, Co-founder & CEO; Kevin Loos, Co-founder & CEO, and Chris Fuentes, Co-founder & CTO


NEHCprimaryNew England Hydropower Company

Develops, operates and manages small-scale regional and local hydroelectric facilities.

Michael Kerr, CEO

SolSolution New Logo Ital


Develops a hybrid non-profit/for-profit business model to put solar panels on schools, save on their energy bills and reinvest the savings in STEM educational programs.

Soren Harrison, CEO;  Shane Solar-Doherty, Operations Manager.

Teleos Solar

Teleos Solar

Develops thin-film manufacturing technology to increase CIGS solar cell efficiency by up to 50% while improving factory throughput by 25%.

Michael McGonigle, CEO;  Michael Callahan, CTO.

terraVerde logo cropped

TerraVerdae Bioworks

Develops an advanced bio-refinery platform for converting biomass and greenhouse gas emissions into high-value sustainable bio-based products.

Bill Bardosh, CEO


7ACTechnologies7AC Technologies, Inc.
7AC Technologies, based in Woburn, Mass., is developing ultra high efficiency air conditioning systems that use up to 75 percent less electricity compared to conventional heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies. The liquid desiccant and plastic membrane plate-based air conditioning system is targeted to achieve substantial energy savings by replacing existing rooftop HVAC systems on commercial and industrial buildings

Arctic Sand

Developed a platform for semiconductor power conversion that is a breakthrough in efficiency, response speed, and miniaturization.  The technology alters the usual tradeoff between size and efficiency of power conversion in semiconductors by cutting power losses by as much as 50-75%.

Magniture Systems NSIV

Magniture Systems, Inc.

Magniture guarantees the reduction of energy use in large facilities and transforms utility data into actionable intelligence. Magniture Systems integrates proven technologies that work with a facility’s existing infrastructure to reduce power consumption, improve equipment efficiency and provide actionable intelligence to help companies manage their energy use.

kwhours NSIV


kWhOURS, Inc. is leading the charge to transform the commercial and industrial energy auditing industries. We were founded because the status quo of energy auditing was too cumbersome of a process and did not properly leverage skilled engineers’ expertise to meet the growing demand for energy efficiency. Our team of energy professionals and software developers have been tirelessly working with the goal of simplifying the data collection process; organize hundreds of pages of notes, lead the inexperienced user through a predefined set of questions, automatically associate photos and audio notes with the parts of the building they refer to, and quite simply, improve the field engineer’s quality of life.

Energy Compression www.energycompression.comEnergyCompression

Develops an Adsorption-Enhanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (AE-CAES) technology to enable demand-side energy management and renewables integration.

David Lash, CEO; Tim Havel, CTO

Save Energy Systems
Has developed a turnkey, integrated HVAC management system using a Demand Limiting Controller (DLC) to reduce business energy costs by 10-15%.

Paul Laskow, CEO;  Jim Gillespie, Sales & Marketing.


Develops energy efficiency technology to convert waste heat into usable energy for the automotive industry.

Steve Casey, CEO